Ramoji Rao's Romantic-Comedy 'Thoda Tum Badlo Thoda Hum'

At a time when a majority of music directors depend on networking and manipulation to retain their hold over the industry, the ones who are unable to play their cards, are invariably relegated to the background and often face an identity crisis. Take the example of music director Raam Laxman, who at one stage was a reckoned name in music circles but is out of work and circulation today. "I have become a victim of an age where everything else comes before talent. I have realized that a great sense of melody is not enough in today's times. One should have a secretary to campaign for his work, and another person to call up producers' offices. I failed on both the accounts," says Laxman. His reluctance to have multiple music directors recording songs for the same film, also went against him. "Well that's what happens when you stick to your norms and fail in the exercise of public relations," says the disillusioned Laxman, who was a hot favorite with the Rajshri banner at one point of time. Today Laxman has only one film of Deepak Barry for which he recently recorded three songs, after which he is waiting for Rajshri to announce its next film. But thanks to the few Marathi films that he is doing, he is still managing to eke out a decent living. "You never know, times keep changing and good days will be back again," he says in a heart-broken voice.