Rana Daggubati to help aspiring filmmakers, writers

KWAN Entertainment entered into a Joint Venture with Rana Daggubati’s (Suresh Productions) introducing a specialized division - KWAN South as an entertainment marketplace with a regional focus. KWAN South is a one-stop shop for all stakeholders- from actors, directors, producers, writers to technicians which takes a holistic approach to talent representations and focuses on building profiles.

KWAN South branches a new team known as the Literature team or the LIT team whose sole purpose is to generate the best content and to help good content find its audience. Rana Daggubati will mentor the team and overlook the complete process of taking the right stories, to the right place at the right time.

Actor, Businessman and Partner- KWAN South, Rana Daggubati (SP) added, "With the LIT team we want to change the way content is perceived, created and treated. We would want to train more filmmakers and writers and help them get their work to the audience. With a start of 10 members in the LIT team, we would hope to train more writers and bring experts from various fields to mentor them. We pitch these stories to production houses and directors, help them set it up and package it"

Anirban Das Blah, managing director at Kwan Entertainment commented, "Indian viewers are now indulging more in content-centric scripts and KWAN South has uniquely placed to capitalize on this opportunity with the advent of the LIT Team. The idea is to promote new talent and push original content in a refined form. We would help our talent effectively to monetize their work on various digital platforms."

While commenting on being on board with KWAN South LIT team and collaborating with the writers, Director Tharun Bhascker said, "I had a wonderful time working with KWAN. I talked to the literature team about story structure and I think it is a great opportunity for directors like us to choose different genres which otherwise we cannot do when we have a close-knit writer’s team because in that scenario we can’t be creative with our choices. So KWAN is bridging the gap between directors and writers and it is the most important thing because as a film industry I think we are lacking good writers. I think KWAN is positioned in a critical place where they can bridge the gap and fill the demand for good scripts."

The south film industry has a lot of talent and an incredible craft which requires proper streamlining. KWAN South aims is to change the nature of processes, make it a collaborative system and with the LIT team, it takes a step ahead to add value to the entertainment industry.