Rana is happy to be mentored by Ramu

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 04 Oct 2011 18:21:22.6070000 IST

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, shooting of DEPARTMENT is currently on full swing and is expected to be wrapped up before Diwali. Shot in real locations with action that is reminiscent of the kind that takes place in real life, DEPARTMENT has endeavoured to stay away from the masala space that majority of other cop dramas in recent past and near future find themselves in.


'We have been quite honest about the setting and for that credit must go to Ramu,' says Rana who is happy to find himself mentored by the filmmaker who has been known to him much before he stepped into the world of Hindi films, 'Right from the time that I signed the film, he gave me a lot of briefing around what indeed goes behind the walls of police department. He knows all about the happenings out there like the back of his hand.'

This means that even as Rana was preparing for the role, there was quite some research material that was shared by Ramu, both in writing as well as conversations.

'He gave me quite a few individual references and I had number of months available for me to prepare for the role,' says Rana who hasn't signed any other Hindi film till date, 'We met on a regular basis and now that we are shooting for the film, the learning process is still on. Whenever and wherever I tend to go a little overboard or turn too subtle, he provides a helping hand and corrects me. It is pretty much on the job training for me and when there is someone like Ramu to mentor you, what else do you need?'

Fair point Rana. Now here is looking forward to some real powerful stuff from you after DUM MAARO DUM.