RANCHI DIARIES Movie Review: Pointless ho hum

Ranchi Diaries
Ranchi Diaries

A pointless drubbing of affairs based on tepid motivations derived from the cocktails of quirky rural exotica from the Hindi heartland of U.P. and Bihar served by Bhardwaj, Jha and Kashyap, RANCHI DIARIES is a nonstop ho hum that goes nowhere.

The movie is a miscellaneous group of individuals Manish (Himansh Kohli), his girlfriend Guddiyaa (Soundarya Sharma) with Pinku, Bunty and Bablu in their zest to follow their dreams, hatch a plan to rob a bank. The town of Ranchi is in control of Thakur Bhaiya (Anupam Kher) who has an opposition from his own nephew inspector Lallan Singh (Jimmy Shergill). Naxal leader Pradeep Kumar (Pitobash) is an addition to the scenario. How the plan to rob the bank take vicious and chaotic turn forms the crux of this ho hum.

The madness is overwhelming and it's shocking to see actors like Jimmy Sheirgill and Anupam Kher sleepwalking through the film, the other actors try hard to act and the Bihari accent is pathetic.

Filled with clunky references and a bizarre ode to Godfather by that goon travelling in an old van, Sattwik Mohanty's RANCHI DIARIES is a complete mismatch of what the director might have imagined and what has actually come out on screen.

The maker collected all the ingredients required for the genre on paper - corrupt politicians, lazy cops, street-smart local goons, with a bizarre 'jihadi farishtey' and a naxali gang to add. Aimed as a back-slapping tribute to the crime dark comedies genre set in small towns, unfortunately RANCHI DIARIES ends up slapping itself.


Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Himansh Kohli, Anupam Kher, Satish Kaushik, Jimmy Sheirgill, Deepak Kalra, Taaha Shah
  • Actress: Soundarya Sharma
  • Director: Sattwik Mohanty
  • Music Director: Jeet Gannguli