Randeep Hooda: RANG RASIYA delay disappointed me for long

Randeep Hooda: RANG RASIYA delay disappointed me for long news
Urvi Parikh By Urvi Parikh | 05 Nov 2014 12:07:55.4130000 IST

Ketan Mehta’s RANG RASIYA, which was embroiled in controversies for quite some time now, is finally up for a release this week.

Ask Randeep whether the delay in the film’s release affected him and he reveals, “It disappointed me for a long time. In fact I stopped going to watch this movie at the film festivals. I stopped attending screenings. But on the hind sight, like Mr. Bachchan's SHOE BITE and other movies, RANG RASIYA would have been before its time had it come out then. That's the plus point.”

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download more RANG RASIYA movie wallpapers

He justifies further, “Moreover, the story of RANG RASIYA is already 100 years old; you cannot age it more in 4 years. So that is the advantage of it releasing now, and the disappointment I faced then is very well compensated for.”

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Probe him about why he feels this is the right time to release the film and he explains, “At that time I was a newbie actor and Ketan was a certain kind of a filmmaker, together we would not have been able to have that buzz. But through a lot of my filmography that has happened over the past 2-3 years, I have gained a bit of momentum, if it's only just a recognizable face to be a part of this movie. So I am sure it will have more chances now, than it had earlier. Audiences have changed. They are looking for something to sink their teeth into. Sensuality is not such a big stigma anymore. Biopics are being made today in whatever form maybe. So yes, it is the right time.”

RANG RASIYA, which also stars Nandana Sen in the lead, is all set to release on November 7, 2014.