Randeep Hooda to give courage to women

Randeep Hooda to give courage to women news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 22 Feb 2017 12:54:22.3700000 IST

Big F is MTV India’s original anthology series is all about stories of empowerment of modern young Indian women who are unabashed and unapologetic about their choices, desires and fantasies. It is their journey to liberation with exciting encounters on the way that act as a catalyst to their road to freedom. These stories are not just brave and engaging but also relatable and align with the current mindset of the modern, young Indian woman.

Big F was last year was a successful season as Gautam Gulati hosted the season.

And now the makers have  roped in Randeep Hooda as the face of the show for this season.  Randeep  is one of the most fearless actors.

As the show shows taking up the responsibility of instilling confidence in young women and making young boys realize that women too have desires.

Randeep turns role model who can guide the youth in understanding the concept of freedom for women and normalizing women desires.

The stories on MTV THE BIG F will be much more intensifying and bold this season. The conversation in the show will aim at breaking stereotypes. The show fully intends to break social constructs that prohibit women from taking that leap of faith when it comes to their choices and dreams. Each story will resonate with the mindscape of young women out there looking for that chance to live free.

The tagline of the show also qualifies its name and the all-encompassing thought of freedom from restrictions and societal norms.

Tune in to MTV The Big F #ForbiddenNoMore from March 12.

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