Rani Mukerji introduces the man who inspired HICHKI

Rani Mukerji is coming back after a sabbatical with Yash Raj Film’s upcoming film HICHKI, wherein she plays a teacher Naina with a rare disease Tourette syndrome.
This film has been inspired by Brad Cohen, who has written the book, Front Of The Class: how Tourette syndrome made me the teacher I never had.
Brad is now a motivational speaker and has changed people’s life with his speeches.
As Rani will be seen playing his role in the film HICHKI, the makers specially arranged for a special meet with Brad. During the media interactions held on Monday Rani introduced Brad to the media.

Brad spoke in length about his childhood, marriage and how eagerly is he waiting for Rani ‘s film HICHKI to hit the screens.

Brad said, “I had difficulties while I was a child, I didn’t have many friends. I remember an incident wherein I was told to apologize in class for making this noise. It wasn’t easy but my mother helped me and made me understand and since then I decided to make friends and also would tell people what Tourette syndrome is. I didn’t have many friends there were few people who would come and talk to me.”

He further went on to say, “I never dated anyone. I was always a second date until the girl didn’t know about me. I am lucky that my wife is the person whom I dated, and we have two kids and we are one happy family.”

On being asked how does his kids react to his syndrome, “They asked me initially and I explained them why I make noise and now they understand it very well.”

As you have now written a book and also teach how has your life changed to which he said, “It has changed as now I talk and speak about it people are aware and Tourette has become my teacher to an extent.”

When asked if he has seen the trailer and what was his reaction after seeing the trailer of HICHKI, Brad opined, “I liked the trailer and I am looking forward to watch the film. I was really very curious to know who is playing my role. I initially thought Rani is male. The trailer looks promising and she has done a great job. I am waiting to see the film.”

After the media interactions Brad and Rani sang the title track and graciously smiled for the media.

Lastly Rani concluded, “We are glad to have you with us and it’s an honour to know so much about you. It’s truly inspiring and motivating. I hope this movie reaches wider audience and the awareness about the syndrome is created.”

Check out the video below.