Rani Mukerji: Not sure about academics but our actors definitely need acting classes

Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji is all set to enthrall the audience with her upcoming film HICHKI. The actress will be seen on silver screen after a four year hiatus. In the film Rani plays the role of a teacher who is having Tourette Syndrome.

Talking about how playing role of a differently abled roles affects her as an actor Rani shared, “The life that god has given is so special like when I had researched for my character in BLACK or HICHKI I started thanking god every day because suddenly you feel so blessed that you can see, hear, talk move your limbs, and do everything without anyone’s aid! So when you go through moments like that in your life you only become more humbled as a human being and all the other things stop to matter. You suddenly gain lot of wisdom through these experiences and you start to live truly. So when people tell me that despite being in this industry how I can survive without being on social media? I find that really funny because it’s not important to me or for my life! If some people are giving it so much importance then it’s their problem. All these PRship is of what use because if you actually see then everything boils down to the fact whether I was good in my film or not?”

Rani is not at all interested in using social media and she explains why, “When I meet journalist I treat it as meet and greet because I get some pointers from them about what are people thinking because I consider them as a medium between me and my fans as I am not on social media. I don’t use social media as a platform to connect with my fans because I think people behind a computer are not really genuine but when I meet someone personally and talk to them eye- to-eye we connect on personal level. How would I know you if you are behind the computer? When someone comes to me and tells me that I am your fan I can see those emotions on their face but how do I trust someone who is behind a computer? Earlier we used to get fan mails so that again was a very personal connection because there was no anonymity in that. I am still living in that world I don’t give importance to things that come just as a fashion so I like to live my life the way I feel is right.”

Since she is playing a teacher in HICHKI, when asked about how important formal education is for actors, Rani with her tongue firmly in her cheeks said, “I don’t see how academics aid actors but I think the way time is going our actors definitely need acting classes.”