Rani Mukerji: Today actors are really spoiled & pampered

Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji is one of those few actresses who don’t refrain from calling a spade a spade.

These days there’s lot of pressure actors have to face when it comes to maintaining their bodies or their appearance and Rani offered a very interesting take on this, “Frankly I don’t understand this pressure because I feel that today actors are really spoiled and pampered. There are PR person, media person, manager, fitness trainer and the never ending list. We were never pampered this way. We used to do our work and if sometimes we would end up saying something wrong, we used to get even scolded for that but from that we used to learn so much. But these days the PRs have a complete list of ‘Yeh bolo, yeh mat bolo. Do this don’t do that’ so you see the actors these days are taken so much care of that I don’t think they have any kind of pressure with all these trainings and guidance. They wear rented clothes so what kind of pressure they are having? (smiles). Aapko khoobsurat kapde pehenne ko mil rahe hai, log aapko tayar kar rahe hai, itna khoobsurat bana rahe hai toh kis baat ka pressure hai bhai?

She further continued, “Weight wise also? Khao piyo khush raho why to take so much tension? When you see Aamir Khan in DANGAL you are seeing him as a character and then you see him in DHOOM, you again see him in another character. So how does it matter to anybody if an actor gains weight or not? His role is important and not his weight. Maine aaj blue jeans pehna hai ya black pehna hai isse logon ko kya farak padta hai? I am from that era of actresses that I believe in buying my own clothes and don’t rely on brands or endorsements. In fact I am scared about wearing these rented clothes ki kahin khujli na ho jaye! Because you don’t know if they are clean or not or who was the last person who wore that! So there is hygiene issue. Hence I don’t wear such clothes. But if Sabyasachi makes something he makes that especially for me and that’s why I wear them. I believe in wearing my own clothes. Sometimes my manager is like ma’am don’t repeat the clothes and I am like why? These are my own clothes I have bought them kabhi na kabhi toh mujhe same kapde pehenne padenge hi na? If media is interested in my clothes then sorry I am not going to change myself for them. After having Adira I don’t get time for anything else and I really wonder how much time people have when they share every minute detail about what they are wearing, who have styled them etc etc.”

“The only time when things should actually matter to people is when I am not playing my role properly. After pregnancy whether I have lost weight or not why that should be a matter of concern? The only thing that is important is whether Naina Mathur (her character in HICHKI) is convincing and real or not? That is what should matter to you and me. We are not models we are actors. We have to do justice to who we are on screen and be believable and that is what makes you who you are. Somewhere Aamir and Kamal Haasan are institutions in themselves about how actors should be. These actors have redefined their characters and their position and that is who they are. Because of social media people are interested in how they are looking? What they are wearing for gym or at airport? But my question is why there is so much fuss about it? The only thing that should be everyone’s concern is if we are doing our job properly and doing justice to our profession,” signs off the actress.

Well we couldn’t agree more with the actress. What about you guys?