Rani Mukerji turns witty during pre-birthday live chat with fans

Rani Mukerji turns witty during pre-birthday live chat with fans news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 21 Mar 2017 14:39:41.2100000 IST

Bong and beautiful actress Rani Mukerji has entertained us for the past 22 years. Her films have been loved by all, and now as the beautiful actress is happily married to head honcho of YRF films Aditya Chopra, she is also reliving her childhood with daughter Adira.

The brown eyed beauty for the first time interacted with her fans live on a social media platform just before the eve of her birthday. Loads of birthday wishes by her fans and loved ones poured in for the actress on social media. Rani personally replied to all her fans.

Rani also shared about her upcoming projects HICHKI and why she is not on social media, her fashion statement, life after motherhood and more things during the live interaction.

When one of the fans asked her why she is not on social media Rani replied, “My husband is a private person and I respect that, hence I am not on social media. I would want to share my daughter Adira’s pics with you but until he tells me to I won’t share them. I can’t say no to my fans if they ask me for something, that’s the reason I refrain from social media.”

Well, fair enough!

While she also spoke about her comeback and shared, “I am excited to be back after a break, my film HICHKI will be releasing this year hopefully post which there is a romantic film.”

One of the fans asked when she will be in a romantic film opposite Shah Rukh Khan to which she replied, “I will tell Shah Rukh Khan about it.”

Rani showcased her witty side when she was asked about what her dream role is and pat came her reply, “I don’t have any dream role but I am hungry and I want a Chicken roll.”

Well, we wonder what made Rani crack such a joke.

Apart from these Rani also shared about how she will be celebrating her birthday today and more.

Check out the chat below!

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