Ranveer Singh: Rakhi Sawant is a Rockstar

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer ‘Overwhelming’ Singh, as introduced by the show’s host Komal Nahta, has been a performer ever since his first film Band Baaja Baraat. In the latest episode of Starry Nights 2. Oh! on Zee Café, he revealed the secret to his over the top energy and the passion he carries for his work. Ranveer was also seen reminiscing his childhood as he spilled the beans on the movies he was passionate about. 

While some may not like Rakhi Sawant and some may even hate her, Ranveer feels the opposite! Yes, when Komal was asked by Ranveer as to who is the worst celebrity to interview? Komal named Rakhi. To this, Ranveer said, “Rakhi is a Rockstar! Rakhi, I love you!”  

“In my struggling days, it was rumoured that Shekhar Kapur was making Mr India 2 and I landed up at Shanoo Sharma’s house dressed up as Anil Kapoor’s character Arun.” This was what Ranveer had to say about him being a big filmy buff. 

Known for his charismatic aura Mr. Singh believes that his only 2 AM friend is his alter ego, no one knows Ranveer better than himself. 

While speaking about his initial journey in films, Ranveer began by talking about his love for the big screen since his childhood. He revealed that the kind of films he loved were the ones in which the hero was the king and the film was larger than life. He said, “I went to university and as usual I was late for everything and late for registering for class and then there was 1 seat for acting for Nonmajors. I have already acted in school and college, so I was like I can do this. The instructor asked us to perform and I did that, everyone in the class was impressed. AND THIS IS IT! I AM A PERFORMER.” 

Further into the show, Ranveer talked about how off-late he has been spending a lot of time with his father as has also told him, “You have been the best provider and the best family man anyone could get.” Digging deeper into the conversation about family, Komal Nahta was inquisitive to learn about why Ranveer refers to his elder sister as his ‘Other Mother’, he said, “Her nature I guess, she is very caring, very motherly and loving. She always treats me like a child. She would spend the money she earned to buy chocolates for me. Hence, I cannot even call her my elder sister, she is my second mother!”