Ranveer Singh steals heart in the latest pic

Ranveer Singh is one of the outrageous actors who has always slayed with his quirky yet dashing looks. His outfits have always been unique and unconventional making his fans even go crazier. For many, he has turned as a fashion icon as he makes such funky appearances not just in private but also in public. His latest Standard fireworks suit which he had sported was completely surprising as for why would one flaunt a fireworks brand on his body? Is he the new ambassador for the fireworks? Haha but no as it is Ranveer Singh, so we don't know how would we see him the next day.

Flaunting such astounding looks the actor is featured on the cover page of the most bizarre magazine Vogue wearing a gown with a floral design over it. With fine hairstyle and tough looks, Ranveer is just skipping the heartbeat of his fans. Along with him is also Sara Sampaio who is a Portuguese model. The most highlighting point to be noted is Vogue exclusively placed Ranveer on its coverpage for celebrating its 11th Anniversary. Ranveer has received such a privilege to stand apart in such dazzling looks. Well, these are the perks of being not just an actor but a megastar.