Ranveer Singh: I couldn't stop talking like SIMMBA

Ranveer Singh is in the happiest phase of his life, he is enjoying his space personally and professionally. He recently got married to the love of his life Deepika Padukone. He has some back to back content driven films that will make you whistle at the screen.

From GULLY BOY to kapil dev’s Biopic he has all..currently he is basking in the glory of winning the award for best actor in Padmaavat, his next film Simmba will hit the screens this Friday, the trailer looks promising and one can’t wait to watch the magic of Rohit Shetty and Ranveer singh together on screen.

In conversation with Ranveer Singh as he speaks about his film SIMMBA and upcoming films gully boy and kapil Dev biopic, how his life changed after marrying Deepika Padukone and more.

Excerpts from the interview


Ranveer in SIMMBA is synonym to the engergy you portray on screen, tell us about your journey?

Yes, It's my biggest film so far because the film that is mounted on me and I am Rohit Shetty’s leading man which is a big deal for me. This film was offered to me after BAJIRAO MASTANI. I’ve always wanted to do masala films, but only with Rohit Shetty, nobody else gets it right. So I really wanted to do this movie with the king of the genre. So I waited and one has to earn a certain amount of equity which qualifies you to become the leading man of a masala film. We did the Ching’s ad together and he told me he had this subject in his mind for which I would be good for and I instantly said we are on.

There were talks that you always wanted to do RAM LAKHAN with him and Lakhan was the role you were offered, elebotate?

I wanted to play Lakhan and I was ready to do it but I don’t know what happened after that. It was long long time ago. That was a film Karan sir and Rohit sir were supposed to make together, and here we are in 2018, with a massive project of Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty. Our ambition for the film was higher than what the expectations would to be. When the movie was announced, there were a lot of expectations as Rohit Shetty and Ranveer are coming together, it has dhamakedar entertainment and we were well aware of it. But never took it for granted and we wanted to exceed their expectations which were already so high. Now our entire team has done their best and the results have gone beyond everyone’s expectations. It’s gone beyond my imagination. Rohit sir and his team has worked together for 10-12 years, and they’re all tell sir that this is his best film. Even Karan sir says this is Rohit Shetty’s most assured work as a director. What we’re hoping for is that the audiences recognize that there is a new benchmark in the masala genre. This film has all the songs, dance, action, comedy, romance with a great narrative story.

Last week you got emotional when you held that award in hand?

I wasn’t emotional it was Deepika who got emotional, It’s not on me to decide if the my performance is an award worthy performance or not but I can assure you that this is the best one. Because its like you’ve done all the genres in one film. And it’s a magical moment to win awards. I’ve nominated a lot before and not won, I just show up and then when you really win an award you’re shocked and speechless. So I always have this dream that one day I’ll be married to Deepika and she’ll be sitting besides me and when they call my name for best actor award, I’ll give her a kiss and then I’ll go up on stage and it happened last this week which was pretty magical. And on stage I was just saying what was coming to me. It’s only later I realized what I had said and how true it is. It’s been 8 years of me in the industry and 6 of those 8 years I’ve been dating Deepika. So she’s a large part of my growth and evolution and a large part of the reason that I am able to achieve all the things that I have achieved in last 6 years. Because she kept me grounded and she was my support through it all. Especially with Khilji, because that was a very difficult character and I was really struggling through it. It was difficult for me and her and also for us together and individually. So they have that we shot PADMAAVAT was the particularly testing. And for how to witness that and to witness this was a pretty emotional experience.


Are you happy with the choice of roles you are doing?

After PADMAVAAT, I shot GULLY BOY and completed it. And then I got into SIMMBA in SIMMBA he is a lovable kamina dude, not like Khilji. Gully boy to Simmba was a big transition. In gully boy I am quite and the story is quite different it is more of a rapper and hip hop culture, how a guy wants to be a hip hop artist, while SIMMBA is quite different, It was like being vs doing in both the films. To switch those modes of performance was tricky. This year’s been very special to me. Start with PPADMAAVAT then GULLY BOY, a movie about Mumbai and hip hop, it’s my dream. Then I had a sad phase, I lost my Nani in the middle of the year but my family bonded at that time, it brought us together. After that was SIMMBA, being a masala hero. The highlight of the year was my marriage, my wife curated such a beautiful wedding, all credit to her for each and everything. Now SIMMBA has all the hype around it which is so positive. Gully boy is a perfect follow up for a masala film, I couldn’t have asked for more. It can’t get better that a Rohit Shetty film to a Zoya Akhtar film. They’re two complete opposite ends of the spectrum. In January I’ll start training for Kapil Dev and then I have TAKTH with Karan Johar and amazing cast. So coming year is also something to look forward to from acting point of view.

How similar or different is Simmba from Robin Hood?

Amitabh Bachchan’s role in Shehenshah was a lovable cop then I remember Lakkhan, Chul bul Pandey and Singham. All of them had similarities and dissimilarities. All of them have cult characters. So here there’s a pressure to create a creatively distinct character. If it feels like something you’ve seen before then we fail. We’re hoping that SIMMBA would be loved by the audiences so we can make Simmba 2-6. We worked extra hard to make sure that the character will be distinct, SIMMBA will be SIMMBA.

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