Ranveer Singh’s obsessions are beyond Deepika and 10 pics prove it well!

Besides being a terrific actor, Bollywood star Ranveer Singh is also known for his quirky dressing sense and fashion. He is a trend in itself, he doesn’t need any bandwagon to follow. Every look that Ranveer carries is a fashion spectacle! In fact his not-so-cool, whacky and outrageous avatars bring him in the center stage and in the eyes of fashion critics. And perhaps that is how the star wants to be portrayed, who goes as per his conviction and not what the fashion enthusiasts have to opine. You hate him or love him or escape away from his fashion weirdness, Ranveer is going to don what he prefers to do!

That Ranveer Singh went bald for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus BAJIRAO MASTANI and to guard his look from being spilled over, he used caps, headgears, hats & beanies…is something we all know. How he made ‘hats’ as a fashion statement in a bid to hide his look from paps and fans for the sake of his film. And most of us thought once the film releases, the actor, who of course moved on and grew his luscious hair for the next, will shun the hats for some time. But it looks like, that which was meant for some usage has become a favourite part of the wardrobe for Ranveer Singh.

Even today, the attention-grabber ,that Ranveer is very famously known for, can’t do without his hats. In fact the actor has made it customary to don a hat to complete his look. At every other juncture, we see Ranveer flaunting an array of hats that he must have stuffed. Now, it appears to be his new obsession. And the flamboyant actor has successfully teamed it with different styles of shades. So, let us tell you that hats and glairs are irreplaceable combo outfit in Ranveer Singh’s wardrobe, made with myriad funky clothes. Be it red carpet events, being casually spotted or flaunting airport fashion or donning formals, Ranveer couldn't take off his hats & shades, everytime he made a public appearance. So here’s taking a look at Ranveer’s diverse ‘hat & shades’ collection, which I’sure most guys would want to own it or imitate his style:

(All Pic Courtesy: Varinder Chawla)
(All Pic Courtesy: Varinder Chawla)

Ranveer Singh wore a baggy pink t-shirt and track pants. He styled his look with shades and casual shoes.
(With inputs from Pooja Tiwari)

Ranveer Singh sported a brown jacket, t-shirt and blue denim. Along with glares and brown hat.

Ranveer Singh looked cool in blue hoodies with grey weatpants. We love how the upturned hoodie collar. He has decided to wear a white baseball cap along with the white framed sunnies.

Ranveer teamed his black t-shirt with a pair of black shorts. He also wore funky sunglasses, a black cap and grey sneakers. He gave thumbs up to the cameras

Ranveer Singh spotted at the airport. He was seen in grey-checkered trousers with a sapphire blue turtleneck. He added to the outfit blue sunglasses and a black overcoat to complete the look. He waved to the photographer.

Even casual is a style for Ranveer. He looked cool in a white printed t-shirt, which he paired with grey shorts, white sneakers, a grey hat and reflective sunglasses.

Ranveer appeared a bit like cowboy in a dark blue jersey which he paired with velvet maroon track pants, dark blue sneakers, a brown hat and black sunglasses.

Even though he opted for baby pink outfit, Ranveer Singh kept intact his machoism in black and a all black glairs.

Ranveer Singh spotted at Dubbing studio. He was seen in black t-shirt and grey joggers.He completed his look with a black hat and a pair of black shades.

Ranveer Singh sported a white hoodie and white pant. His hats, white and black shades completed his look.