RA.ONE makers are not nervous

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 29 Oct 2011 11:53:59.9330000 IST

RA.ONE is now out in open for one and all and the film has seen good words coming its way for its grandeur, VFX and special effects. Naturally, one is inclined to ask Anubhav Sinha that when he looks back at the entire shooting stint, does it all actually seem exponentially bigger than what he and Shahrukh had originally envisaged.

"We knew that it was going to be some effort for sure which would exhaust us all. We were trying to figure out how we would climb this mountain all by ourselves. We figured out the strategies and as we progressed, some things went right and some went wrong. We took them all in our stride. No doubt RA.ONE has been a tough film to make even as we went through our share of trauma and joys," says Anubhav, "I have crossed that stage of thinking too much now and I am not nervous at all. Now I am just cherishing every moment as it comes."

view RA.ONE stills
view RA.ONE stills

While the film has started talking for itself and has already created a record for the best combined total of the first two days (close to 40 crores just from India), one can't deny the fact that RA.ONE has been a matter of intrigue right through its making as well as its promotion. With trade pegging the film to cross further milestones, how is Anubhav reacting to such high expectations?

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"Now how can you really expect me to comment on such numbers," smiles Anubhav, "Of course there is a fair degree of confidence that we all are carrying. After all, RA.ONE is a new style of superhero film though there have been superhero films made out of Bollywood as well. There have been successes like MR. INDIA and KRRISH while there have been not-so-successful DRONA and ALADIN as well. Still, we can just continue to evolve and make something better because of technology advancement. As for the numbers then well, keep me posted!"

You would know that sure Anubhav.