Ravi Dubey visited Lalbaugcha Raja for the first time!

The most admired host and a versatile actor, Ravi Dubey; who is on the peak of his career is winning hearts of many around him with popular shows like Sabse Smart Kaun and Rising Star. Be it his breakthrough role in Jamai Raja to hosting popular reality shows like Rising Star and Sabse Smart Kaun, Ravi has been slaying it since the beginning of his career.

Ravi who has been in the industry almost for two decades now is known to be a people’s person. Recently first time in 18 years of his career Ravi visited Lalbaugcha Raja to seek blessings of the idol Lord Ganesha. Ravi who is very religious was very happy to visit Lalbaughcha Raja.



Ravi Dubey says, \"I have been in mumbai for the last 18 years, in a city that celebrates Ganpati with maximum enthusiasm but in these 18 years somehow I never had the opportunity of visiting Lalbaugcha Raja because somehow I feel that you only get to go there when bappa calls you. Bappa symbolises goodness,prosperity and joy. after 18 years I finally had the opportunity of going to Lalbagh and seeing bappa in all his Glory.I feel that this universe has blessed me and sargun with everything so I went there to offer my heartfelt gratitude to bappa . Because in my opinion gratitude is the most powerful prayer of all\" .

The second reason for his visit to Lalbaugh this year was that his house maid who he fondly calls Maasi and his other staff members never got a chance to visit Lalbaugcha Raja. This time Ravi specially removed time from his busy schedule and made sure to take them to seek blessings of the most loved Ganesha of Mumbai. It’s very rare to see that a celebrity takes time for his staff but Ravi being a people’s person always expresses his fondness towards people around him by doing small things that matters to them the most