Read why PADMAVATI was not cleared by the CBFC


Ever since Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s PADMAVATI was announced everyone was eager to watch Deepika Padukone in Rani Padmavati’s avatar on screen. However as the shooting of the film began Rajput Karni Sena started protesting against the film citing distortion of history by Bhansali in the film.

The film which was announced to be released on December 1 even got postponed because of the unrest caused by the protests. Apart from the protest other reason being the film is yet to receive a certification from CBFC.

The reason why CBFC hasn’t issued any certificate yet is that the makers of the film left their application incomplete.CEO of Censor Board Anurag Srivastav was quoted saying in Hindustan Times as, “The disclaimer had not been mentioned by the makers. We need an official thing from the makers about what your stand on this actually is. Is it based on fiction, or based on historical facts – you have to put it completely. By leaving that out, the document was (deemed) incomplete, because for examination purposes, we need to know what they (makers) are saying.”

Talking about how the makers of the film did not adhere to 68 days rule while submitting the film Anurag further added, “The rule has always been there. There has (of late) been a lot of clamour that films are not being released in time. But we just pointed out that we have this leeway of 68 days, because many times people come and say ‘I have to release my film tomorrow or day after’ when they have applied today! We have a huge number of applications, and there’s a huge backlog, especially in Mumbai. We have to then tell these makers that we cannot do it out of turn, because then, others will get affected.”

Now all we can do is wait and watch when exactly PADMAVATI will be released finally. Till then stay tuned