Reasons why Kattappa did not kill Baahubali

Reasons why Kattappa did not kill Baahubali news
Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 26 Apr 2017 19:09:03.5200000 IST
Until BAAHUBALI 2 , the sequel to BAAHUBALI, hits the screens this Friday, the biggest question (of the entire nation) will keep haunting as to why Kattappa killed Baahubali? While the wait will be over in next two days, still the inquisitive minds don’t like to rest and of course want to figure out the ANSWER before even the world knows it through the release of the film. And like any curious mind, we couldn’t resist scratching our brains and listing the reasons ‘Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?’ going by few clues, few evidences…And we do have a gut feeling that one of these or more than one reason is the answer to the most-awaited question. Meanwhile take a look at these possibilities till you get the real answer.

FAKE MURDER: Kattappa and Baahubali must have devised a fake murder plan to present the world that Baahubali is dead in order to make believe that he is no more. And why he will do that? Well if we go by the first trailer of the sequel, there’s a dialogue by Amrendra Baahubali saying (probably an oath at the time of coronation)“Amrendra Baahubali yaani mai Mahishmati Ke Asankhya Prajaa Aur Unke Dhan Maan Aur Praan Ki Raksha Karunga Aur Iske liye Apne Praano Ki Aahuti Bhi Deni Pade Toh Mai Piche Nahi Hatunga”, which means to say that he will forever protect, safeguard the rights & needs of the people of his kingdom, he will go to any extent including sacrificing his life for the welfare of the kingdom. Since he must have discovered the selfish motives of his cousin Bhallaldeva, he must have chalked out a fake murder.

SIVAGAMI’S DIRTY POLITICS: Since we all know Sivagami in the opening scene of BAAHUBALI first part admits about her sins (which are yet not revealed), it’s quite possible that she must have pretended that she is a fair lady all her life and that’s why raised Baahubali and gave him the same love as her son. But deep down she too wanted her son Bhallaldeva to succeed. It might be her dirty politics to make Amrendra Baahubali orphan and then when the time arrives to declare the real King, she perhaps plots a hidden murder of Baahubali so that her son Bhallaldeva can take over the kingdom with the help of Kattappa.

BAAHUBALI IS NOT DEAD BUT ABDUCTED: Much like we saw in Hrithik Roshan’s KRRISH, where Rohit being alive was revealed by the end and that he was caged by Naseeruddin’s character for selfish motives, similarly Amrendra Baahubali is not slayed but abducted by Bhallaldeva. And we quite a hint from the first part of BAAHUBALI where Bhallaldeva, who regularly visits Devsena, claims that no one remembers Baahubali in Mahishmati except for him and her. And he hopes to meet him once again so that he can kill him ‘again’ with his bare hands?

NOT KATTAPPA BUT BAAHUBALI KILLED HIMSELF: Amrendra Baahubali must have planned his own death to save his son Mahendra Baahubali’s life and future and wife Devsena. Perhaps his son and wife’s life must be at stake and to save and secure them, Baahubali must have asked Kattappa to kill him and take the good care of his beloveds.

SIVAGAMI’S MISUNDERSTANDING: Sivgaami has been shown as fair lady right from the beginning. While she may be righteous, but her husband Bijjaladeva along with son Bhallaldeva must have poisoned her ears against Baahubali with false evidences and logics. So despite being morally right and unbiased, she must have asked Kattappa to slay Baahubali out of misunderstanding. And she being deceived is quite evident when she confesses her sins in the first part and in the new trailer too she gives a subtle hint. In the first trailer of the sequel, Sivgami shockingly expresses about ‘Antaryudh’ which means internal war. Well she must have realized its side effects and how this internal war can destroy the Mahishmati Kingdom. In order to stop this ‘Antaryudh’, she must have been misled and hence Baahubali got killed.

Kattappa must have been blackmailed to kill Amrendra Baahubali. Either he must have been blackmailed by Bhallaldeva or Sivagaami or any other person to save his own family, so out of the compulsion he must have killed Amrendra Baahubali.

Kattappa and Baahubali must have chalked out a plan to kill Bhallaldeva after knowing his self-centered intentions, but the latter must have discovered their secret plan. So Bhalladeva must have developed nehle pe dehla and Kattappa must have killed Baahubali accidentally in place of Bhallaldeva.