Revealed Anushka Sharma's role in SANJU biopic!

SANJU is one such biopic which has been awaited since a long long time, and after the spectacular trailer of the film, we can only see praise garnering for Ranbir Kapoor who aced the role.

Well, just two days ago we saw Raju Hirani sharing a poster of Anushka Sharma, since then fans were curious to know what actually is the role of Anushka Sharma.

At the trailer launch when media quizzed director Hirani about the same he said, “Anushka is playing the role of me and Abhijat. She is playing a biographer from London who comes here and Sanju wants her to write a book on him but she's reluctant. When he was narrating his story to us, even we were wondering if we should do it or not. Sometimes we used to sit with policemen, lawyers, family. We were in two minds whether to do it or not. So she is actually playing us, but not a filmmaker, a biographer.”

Anushka wasn’t present at the trailer launch as she was in US shooting for another film.

SANJU will hit the screens on June 1, 2018.

Rajkumar Hirani
Rajkumar Hirani