Revealed - The 'mausi' of RAM GOPAL VARMA KI AAG

While it is a known fact that each of the characters in Ramesh Sippy's SHOLAY has earned an immortal status, one can never forget the lovable 'mausi' from the film. Portrayed by Leela Mishra, the character went on to be a part of many a joke books and humor sessions.

If sources are to be believed, actor Rasika Joshi may just find herself to be in elite company.

In RAM GOPAL VARMA KI AAG, she gets to enact a similar character albeit with a different name - Gangu Mummy! Though as of now not much is known about the way she has played her part, looking at the different kind of roles she has done in the past, one expects her to do a convincing job.

While she has mainly played serious-n-dramatic characters in films like VAASTU SHASTRA and DARNA ZAROORI HAI, her funny side too has been visible in GAYAB and last year's MALAMAAL WEEKLY. In fact Priyadarshan has also repeated her in a funny part once again for his soon to be released DHOL.

Will we hear the cries of 'sssusssieede' once again? Come 31st August and it would be interesting to watch what does Ajay Devgan's character of Veeru, oops Heero, has to tell 'Gangu Mummy'.