REWIND - First Indian short film to have an all India theatrical release

REWIND-Be Kind-PosterThanks to PVR, audiences in India will now get to see and appreciate one of the most talked about and acclaimed Indian short film in recent times. Distributed by PVR Limited, REWIND is set to become the first Indian short film to release in theatres in India. REWIND will have a staggered all India release.

REWIND is scheduled to release in theatres in Mumbai on May 23, 2008 with the widely acclaimed Michel Gondry comedy BE KIND REWIND. Noted for his inventive visual style and manipulation of Mise en Scene, Michel Gondry is the acclaimed director of the academy award winning ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND.

REWIND will be screened as a bonus film prior to BE KIND REWIND. After Mumbai, it will release in all major cities in India.

Producer Ketan Gohil is upbeat. Says Ketan, "PVR has always provided a platform for good cinema. It is a matter of great pride that REWIND is being released by the same company which produced TAARE ZAMEEN PAR. REWIND has seen the best of festivals, has been taken over for international distribution by the largest short film distributor in the world (Shorts International) and now, thanks to PVR, is also releasing theatrically in India. The only stop left for us to make is the Oscars. God willing, we will cross that frontier too."

"It is extremely gratifying that REWIND is seeing this kind of success. We are really grateful to PVR for releasing REWIND theatrically. Now the film can be seen on the big screen. That is the way we wanted the film to be viewed, unlike say on a DVD", says Writer-Director Atul Taishete.

REWIND had a successful premiere at the 2007 Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland and has been screened at more than 25 international film festivals including biggies like Montreal, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Tampere and the Milano International Film Festival. It is probably the world's first true reverse film. Unlike a MEMENTO or IRREVERSIBLE, REWIND is a shot by shot reverse film. It is also a first where the film is moving in reverse while the voiceover is moving forward.

REWIND recounts backwards, the last moments of three friends who are betting their lives and a million dollars on a game of Russian roulette. The last man standing takes the diamonds but how he got there is what the film reveals.

REWIND is produced by Ketan Gohil Productions and directed by FTII trained Director Atul Taishete. Atul Taishete has also worked as a professional screenplay writer. He wrote the screenplay for the feature RISK and additional dialogues of the recently released JOHNNY GADDAR. He is planning to start his feature film soon. REWIND is Ketan Gohil's first production.

The Director of Photography is National Award Winner Sudhakar Yakkanti, Sound Design by Dara Singh Saihmee, Art Direction by Amit Tankaria, Dahlia Kaur and Sreelekha Maitra, Music by Bapi-Tutul and edited jointly by Neeraj Grover and Suvir Nath.

Amongst others, REWIND has been screened at the following international film festivals :

- Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland (Premiere)
- Victoria Independent International Film Festival, Australia (Best Film under 10 minutes)
- Montreal World Film Festival, Canada
- Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA
- Tampere International Film Festival, Finland
- Milano International Film Festival, Italy
- Stuttgart International Film Festival, Germany
- Al Fajr International Film Festival, Iran
- Short Shorts International Film Festival, Japan
- Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium
- Indielisboa International Film Festival, Portugal
- Tirana International Film Festival, Albania
- Los Angeles International Film Festival, USA
- Winterthur International Film Festival, Switzerland
- Cleveland International Film Festival, USA
- Atlanta International Film Festival, USA
- Jackson Hole International Film Festival, USA
- Seattle International Film Festival, USA
- DeReel Independent Film Festival, Australia
- Tout Ecran, Switzerland
- Cine Globe, Switzerland
- Asian Hotshots, Berlin, Germany
- Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, USA

Ketan Gohil Productions in association with have also launched the website of the film. One can see the trailer/teaser of the film as well as access other information about the film on the website