RGV: SHABRI is far superior to SATYA

img By Rachana Sheth | 20 Aug 2011 13:04:26.8230000 IST

The Isha Koppikar starrer SHABRI may be an RGV product, what with SHABRI being made under RGV banner, but the prolific filmmaker hardly made any rounds on the sets of SHABRI or gave any inputs while the making of the film.

Theatrical Trailer - SHABRI

An inside source revealed, "RGV did not ever visit the sets of SHABRI. In fact one of the key actors once called and complained to him about the firm handling meted out to him by the Director suggesting that RGV intervene."

When RGV came to know about this fact the same evening impressed RGV immediately called up SHABRI director Lalit Marathe and complemented him saying, "All seems to be going well on the sets!"

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Later when Lalit showed his mentor few rushes of the film in rough cut stage, RGV was totally taken in by it and was all praise of Lalit's work and spontaneously said that SHABRI is far superior to (his own film) SATYA.

Well after the words coming straight from the horse's mouth (RGV himself) we now know what to expect from the upcoming release SHABRI!