This is Ridheema Tiwari’s take on infidelity

Ridheema Tiwari

It’s women’s day today. On this very important day, we ask actor Ridheema Tiwari a very pertinent question, what she seeks in a relationship? Ridheema is happily married to actor Jas Karan Gandhi. With infidelity creeping into so many marriages today, Ridheema also tells us why she feels this happens.

“Women seek security and companionship in a relationship/marriage and it all begins from here. Some seek financial security and some emotional and many both. While very few are aware of the fact that an empowered woman need not seek anything out of herself, unfortunately, she succumbs to dependency that sucks out all her energies and she ends up feeling lonely, disappointed, taken for granted, disrespected, bored and demotivated. Couples loose interest in each other due to overindulgence too. Every woman has her own reasons for involvement outside. But mostly it's not completely about just sex but rather about feeling valued or cared for.

Men who fulfil such needs without any commitment or attachment are plenty. Women are either trained by parents/society to put up a happy face and give a feeling of ‘all is well’, oblivious to the situation they are in. They feel the pressures of social media to showcase perfection. One fine day there’s a volcanic eruption and women choose infidelity/cheating, which they believe fills their vacuum, temporarily making them happy. In this long battle of finding attention and feeling important/valued in relationships women forget themselves, give up on their individuality, become interfering as partners, bicker, fight, and some go on to become investigation officers as housewives.

The lack of interest then widens the gap between these individuals and thus increases the probability of women opting for sexual/emotional novelty outside, cushioning their egos for revengeful and rebellious modes. If you ask me, one should indulge in a relationship only for the right reasons and be realistic not to expect a movie-like-happy ending since the truth is very different. Seekers will only see a downhill ride. Know yourself and love yourself before seeking it in others’ eyes and life can be beautiful.”