Rima Das' VILLAGE ROCKSTARS is India's official entry for Oscars

As a young filmmaker who is full of ideas, Rima Das aims to venture into unexplored realms of film making by experimenting with new themes and subjects. She envisions delving into revolutionary and untrammelled areas and thus be able to discover her inner self using the limitless possibilities and scope of cinema.

"As a director we make films for two reasons- when we want to say something to the world and when we want to entertain people. I want to do both and my films satisfy both for me", says globally acclaimed director Rima Das.

After an amazing response received at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and India premiere at the MAMI 19th Mumbai Film Festival, VILLAGE ROCKSTARS, which was named Best Feature Film at the 65th National Film Awards, is India's official entry for the 2019 Oscars, in the Best Foreign Language film category. Film Federation of India had announced on 22 September 2018.

"I grew up in a remote village called Chhaygaon in the remote state of Assam in India. Life back then was harsh. It continues to be so today," VILLAGE ROCKSTARS is my tribute to the place, the people where I come from. My artists are non-actor villagers and children", says director Rima Das. VILLAGE ROCKSTARS is the result director Rima Das' long and interesting journey of exploring various departments in the industry while being behind the camera.

Screened in more than 70 international and national film festivals and won 44 awards, including four National Awards for best location, sound recording, editing and child artiste (Bhanita Das). VILLAGE ROCKSTARS’ theatrical release in India is scheduled for 28 September 2018.

Set in Das' own village Chhaygaon in Assam, VILLAGE ROCKSTARS is the story of \"poor but amazing children\" who live a fun-filled life. It has, at its center an Assamese village girl, named Dhunu, who aspires to become a rockstar one day. Directed by Rima Das Co-Produced by Jaya Das edited By Rima Das Sound Design Amrit Pritam Music Score Nilotpal Borah Cinematography Rima Das Colorist Nuttacha Khajomkaitsakul Written & Directed by Rima Das.