Rishi Kapoor agitated with JAGGA JASOOS poor show; lashes out at Anurag

Rishi Kapoor agitated with JAGGA JASOOS poor show; lashes out at Anurag news
img By Glamsham Editorial | 24 Jul 2017 12:26:46.4400000 IST

Ranbir Kapoor’s JAGGA JASOOS, that was delayed endlessly, is rejected at the BO. And father Rishi Kapoor is outraged with son Ranbir’s film failing to create any magic. He didn’t mince his words in calling director Anurag Basu ‘irresponsible’ in an interview with mid-day.


Talking about the incessant delay and the film being stuck repeatedly, Rishi went on to rant, “Anurag is such an irresponsible director that he doesn't complete the film. It was supposed to release three times in the past two years, but it kept getting delayed.”

He added, “Honestly, Neetu and I saw the film on Thursday, only a day ahead of the release. Till Wednesday, Anurag Basu was still mixing the film. Can you imagine that? Pritam probably delivered the music only a week before.”

Rishi also commented on current generation filmmakers’ style of functioning. “Today's filmmakers are doing this with everybody. They don't show their films before release to take opinions, and treat it as though they're making a nuclear bomb."

Besides, Rishi also spoke about Govinda’s part being chopped from the film. “Ranbir hasn't held back on spending money on it. You even threw Govinda out of the film. If you don't want Govinda to work in your film, why did you ask him in the first place? Iss sab mein Ranbir ka naam toh kharaab hoga, aur kya? Mera kharaab hoga,” he said in the interview.

However, son Ranbir never went ahead and spoke about Anurag, despite the film getting delayed. We wonder what Anurag has to say about Chintuji’s lash out!