Rishi Rich in India to shoot for 'Hum Tum'

British Asian singer Rishi Rich is in the limelight in India after working with Britney Spears and many other big international names.

He is looking at Bollywood with his brand new single "You and I", which features in the Yashraj Films' "Hum Tum" soundtrack. Rishi Rich, Juggy D and singer Veronica are here to shoot the music video for the track.

Ashish Patil, director of programming, MTV India, said: "MTV's association with Rishi Rich began earlier this year when we got them down for our IMMIES. These days if you see there is so much influence of bhangra infused with hip-hop and other sounds.

"Rishi Rich is one artiste who has taken desi (Indian) music to the global map and we thought it would be great to a shoot with an absolutely different concept," said Patil.

Shot entirely by the MTV India crew, the video will feature different couples in love.

"Saif (Ali Khan) and Rani (Mukherjee), who star in 'Hum Tum', would not be part of this music video but we will have clips from the movie incorporated in the music video," added Patil.