Rishina Kandhari's favourite holiday destination is Singapore!

Regular breaks are very important to actor Rishina Kandhari and the actor makes sure to take them in order to refresh herself. Her recent trip to Singapore was no different. Rishina was accompanied by her family on the trip and had an amazing time. “I went to Singapore for seven days with my family as we all needed a small break from very busy schedules.  I visited all the tourist places in Singapore and did not leave any spot. The best ones were Universal Studio, Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and Aquarium,” she says.

In fact, the actor really wanted to visit the zoo. “I am an animal and a birds-lover since childhood.  I fed the giraffe, clicked a lot of pictures with the orangutans and the other animals. But the best was feeding the penguins at the bird park. In fact, I also gifted myself a tiny penguin soft toy, who I have named Pengy K,” she says.





Her work and her travels are enough to keep her happy, says the actor. “Happiness to me is seeing my family happy. Multitasking with work and spending time with family is when I am the happiest. Tiarah, my daughter makes me happy and work makes me smile. Life is all about loving your family and of course travelling gives me a different high,” she says.

Ask her what her favourite holiday spots in India are, and she says, “In India, my favourite holiday destination are Jaipur, Udaipur. I love the royal feeling you get when you are there.”Rishina is a constant traveller. “I take at least two vacations a year,” she says.Meanwhile, the actor is hosting and acting in Crime Patrol and is loving it. “As far as the work front goes, I am enjoying anchoring and acting simultaneously in Crime Petrol. It is so amazing to know so many real life stories. So many incidents happen it’s like getting an insight into a different world,” she says.

The actor says that regular breaks like these help her perform better at work. “It’s very important for everybody to take small breaks in between. This is important to keep the interest alive in work as well as relationships. I always perform better after a break. Travelling and taking tiny breaks in between is very important to me to keep me refreshed and it helps me focus more on my work. it’s not necessary to go abroad all the time because India itself is a beautiful country and I still have to visit a lot of places in my own country. I believe in working hard and saving money for my travels,” she says.