Rita Simons struggles with insomnia

Rita Simons (Pic. Courtesy: GotCeleb)

"EastEnders" actress Rita Simons says she suffers from "really bad insomnia" that leaves her feeling like she has not slept for days.

"I suffer with a million 'isms', including Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). I also have really bad insomnia. The worst is when I can't sleep at all and I'm up all night," Simon told dailystar.co.uk.

The actress, who has 12-year-old children Jaimee and Maiya with husband Theo Silveston, says some nights she is awake just staring at the wall.

"I don't even watch TV or listen to music. It is awful. It is like torture. Sometimes it feels like I don't sleep for days. It's horrible. Meditating really helps me but I have not been doing it as much lately and the insomnia has returned," she added.

The 41-year-old actress thinks Maiya, who is partially deaf, has inherited a number of her conditions so is keen to push the youngster's interest in drama because she thinks it's a beneficial outlet.

She said: "Maiya has a bit of OCD and I would not be surprised if she had some ADHD as well. She shows a lot of signs of being like me, which is one of the reasons why I have let her follow the drama route.I went to a normal school but was in trouble all the time as a kid and should have been in drama school.

"I was just in constant, constant trouble. I was mouthy, the class clown, I would not shut up and could not concentrate because of mild ADHD. Maiya is quite similar and since she has done performing arts she has settled down and has an outlet. She is thriving and I didn't get that opportunity until much later."