ROCKSTAR: Imtiaz Ali's discovery Nargis Fakhri

Enkayaar By Enkayaar | 13 Oct 2011 18:44:49 IST

Trust Imtiaz Ali to inject a new sense of interpretation to the female characters that he portrays in Hindi films. It all started with JAB WE MET which gave a new lease of life to Kareena Kapoor in her acting career and she never took back. When LOVE AAJ KAL was released Deepika Padukone was presented in a new light and following in the same leak Imtiaz Ali has given spunk to the character portrayed by Nargis Fakhri in ROCKSTAR. When was it that a female star in a film was shown putting people to shame who were urinating besides a wall, as it has been done in the song of ROCKSTAR. It may have been an out of box idea, but one only hopes that it would be highlighted in the times to come so that we are able to get rid of this menace.

The moot point is whether a female actor would have got guts and the confidence to do it with elan as it has been done by Nargis Fakhri in ROCKSTAR. Probably an Indian born female film star could have thought twice to do it, but for a Nargis Fakhri, who is an actor born in western part of the world to be able to disgrace the people doing the chore must have come out quite naturally. In the same manner, her act of drinking in one of the songs in a spunky manner is an attribute that underlines the independence of the character that Imtiaz Ali has conjured up for ROCKSTAR. 

Being a model from USA Nargis Fakhri has already made a name for herself by being featured on the cover page of Vogue magazine and being an international model having featured in the campaigns of brands such as Sony Viao, a Ford model etc., the confidence of having faced the camera comes out in abundance in the role that she is playing in ROCKSTAR. 

She has been promoted in a rather innovative manner by the director Imtiaz Ali when both of them had gone on a promotional tour to Chandigarh. Impromptu, Imtiaz Ali took Nargis Fakhri on a rickshaw ride, he himself driving the rickshaw, and there could not be a better creation of an image of a yet to be launched film star. Never in the history of film making has a female film star been promoted in such a manner, and one only hopes that this helps in establishing Nargis Fakhri as one of the new faces of Hindi cinema. Dices are rolling in her favor, as she is in hot contention for a role in KRISSH-2, opposite Hrithik Roshan. Let's hope Nargis Fakhri rocks in ROCKSTAR.