Rohit Shetty's SUNDAY moves Mumbai to Hyderabad

Rohit ShettyWhat happens when you have to finish work on a day when there is absolutely heavy rainfall and you have an expensive film set that can be damaged? Well, you shift location, of course! Director Rohit Shetty, while shooting for SUNDAY had to shift the film's shooting location from Mumbai to Hyderabad when the rains played spoilsport recently.

And it is not an easy task as he had to shift 600 people who feature in the song! Reportedly the song cost a bomb as the set alone was worth 80 Lakh and 600 people were taken to Hyderabad. Thankfully for the unit, the set was left damage free.

Speaking from Hyderabad, Rohit says, "Yes, it was pretty awful. Thankfully, we were saved in the nick of time. I know that brining 600 people from Mumbai to Hyderabad turned out to be very expensive. But we were left with no choice. Ajay Devgan was to shoot for that song but now he will be joining us here only on Wednesday."

He adds, "There was no other option. Looking at the destructive rains, I guess I am lucky that we took this decision of location shifting. We would have suffered much greater financial loss had the set been damaged. Now Arshad Warsi and Ayesha Takia are already here and we are shooting some important sequences with them."

Well, that rains are almighty powerful, proved yet again!