Rosamund Pike: HOSTILES is existential movie for me


Actress Rosamund Pike says HOSTILES is an existential movie with a simple story.

"I didn't think of this as a genre film. This is very much an existential movie for me. The story is quite simple and yet there's so much," Pike said in a statement.

"The human landscape of it is vast. There's tremendous interplay between these characters. They've all seen such darkness and it's affected them in different ways," she added.

Set in 1892, HOSTILES stars Christian Bale as a captain who agrees to escort a dying Cheyenne war chief (Wes Studi) and his family back home to tribal lands. The journey takes Bale and his detail from New Mexico to the grasslands of Montana. HOSTILES is based on an original manuscript by the late Donald Stewart.

It is directed by Scott Cooper from his own script, and also stars Q'orianka Kilcher, Adam Beach, Rory Cochrane, Ben Foster, Jesse Plemons, Jonathan Majors and Timothee Chalamet. Brought to India by PVR Pictures, HOSTILES will release in India on February 16.

Cooper also praised Pike, who plays character of Rosalee Quaid in the film.

"She has such a high emotional IQ. She's the actress who always wants to take the character from one stage to something completely unexpected. She's thinking at every moment of how she'll relate to something that's six, eight or ten minutes down the narrative," Cooper said.