Rudraksh, the mother of all Bollywood hi-tech movies.

Releasing Feb 13 is the mother of all Bollywood hi-tech movies - "Rudraksh."

The mega budget film will be only the second after last year's biggest hit "Koi Mil Gaya" to utilise technology in a major way. Understandably, expectations are running high.

"Rudraksh", starring Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty and with a host of other stars like Bipasha Basu, is based on the Hindi epic Ramayana.

Produced by Nitin Manmohan, "Rudraksh" retells the tale that has passed down from centuries in every Hindu home - but with the help of state of the art technology.

"Rudraksh" will face competition from the other big release of the week "I: Proud To Be An Indian" produced by Sohail Khan Productions and directed by Puneet Sira. The film tackles the issue of racist attacks on Asians in Britain.

The theme is yet another first for Bollywood and one can only hope that the director is able to deliver, given the gravity of the issue.