Rushad Rana is the only reason why you should watch ‘The cottage’

Rushad Rana

OTT platforms are ruling the digital medium like a boss; everyone is hooked on to web shows like never before. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, AltBalaji, Voot, Eros now and many more OTT platforms are running successfully.
If these apps weren’t enough, there came yet another app ULLU with bold, sensuous, and over the top. In short we can say that Ullu app is no less than soft porn.
The content on that app doesn’t lead to anything concrete but only focuses on sex and porn. With shows like Black Coffee, Wanna have a good time, Ghapa Ghap, Generation Gap. 

And yet another thrilling drama The Cottage, was released on the app this month and like other shows this one is tad different from other shows.

Starring Rushad Rana of Hip Hip Hurray fame, this show is intriguing and will keep you hooked till the end. Talking about the story line the story is about a Haunted cottage and there are two protagonists Saisha and Jason.

Jason is in love with Saisha and they break up, due to uncertain circumstances Saisha dies and Jason keeps seeing her. 

The question is was Sasha really dead, has she come back? This mysterious saga continuous in the 10 mins web show.
There is love making scenes which go with the flow and doesn’t look cheesy or forced.

 Renowned actor Rushad Rana sheds his inhibitions and goes bold and makes us feel that he is made for various roles.The cottage is a good show which you can watch any time.