SAALA KHADOOS: R. Madhavan on what stopped him from being a star in Bollywood

SAALA KHADOOS: R. Madhavan on what stopped him from being a star in Bollywood news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 13 Jan 2016 14:49:33.6730000 IST

R. Madhavan - one of the few rare talents in India to achieve the pan – Indian appeal, popularly known as Maddy, the actor turns producer with the sports flick SAALA KHADOOS.  Titled IRUDHI SUTTRU in Tamil, The Hindi – Tamil bilingual is backed by UTV Motion Pictures and Rajkumar Hirani has come in as co -producer. Filled with all hope in his heart that has grown bigger like his specially worked out biceps for the film, Madhavan is all charged up to promote his dream.


I enter the room and an apology for being kept waiting begins the conversation where the actor speaks his heart out on the hurdles that stopped him from being a star in Bollywood even after having a success rate of 70 percent.

It’s almost fifteen years since Maddy made his entry in Bollywood with Gautam Menon’s REHNAA HAI TERRE DIL MEIN co-starring Diya Mirza and Saif Ali Khan and the ‘star’ tag still allures the actor. On being asked if he feels Bollywood has not given him his dues, the actor opens his heart out and shares, “No not at all. That’s the reason I took this break to think what I am. Am I really a star that I think in my head or am as bad a star that Bollywood thinks I am? And I found out that I haven’t lived up to the potential that I have and not received the recognition I deserve. I am more glad by the fact that people over here appreciate my work and like me as a person. Yes I am not a superstar in Bollywood that I should have become if I had been an actor’s son. Having a success rate of seventy percent I would have probably become. The inability to capitalize on this success rate is my drawback.”

Elaborating further the actor turned producer talks about his drawbacks that stopped him from being a superstar in Bollywood, Maddy says, “Having such a healthy success rate, I should have gone wild. Being seen at the right parties, joining the right camps, having a flashy outlook, wearing designer clothes, adding glitz and glamour to everything I do, have an aggressive PR campaign, having affairs, being dragged into controversies, pleasing the paparazzi. I mean doing all the stuff the doctors ordered to be a happening rock star, a phenomenon. But I am too lazy to do all this. And I am afraid that I will lose my individuality and this is the reason why I am still Maddy for all of you and not a star in Bollywood.”

In today’s world of entertainment when most of the things are planned especially movie promotions and celebrity management, Madhavan’s frank, honest and down-to-earth attitude upsets his PR, confesses Maddy, “ My PR is fed up with me, they say I am a lazy bump,  I don’t do anything, am non controversial, there are no stories to be circulated around you”.

Interestingly, Madhavan believes that it’s easy to turn into a star, the actor plays a boxing coach in the film has come close to the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger in the biceps inches race by working out vigorously on his physics for the role. Madhavan says, “I can get a new look, have a peculiar behavior in public, wear designer clothes, throw tantrums, give interviews wearing glasses etc.. but that won’t be me.”

Proud with his self-esteem and middle class upbringing, Madhavan explains the reasons for not being comfortable with showing starry airs, he says, “I land at an airport and find myself surrounded by security and bodyguards won’t make me happy. After a while I will start worrying about the security guy who is unnecessarily standing for me. I will ask him to sit down. I come from a middle class family and I want to enjoy meeting people as a normal/common man and I don’t want to lose that.”

We too don’t want to lose you Maddy! Stay tuned for more interesting updates on SAALA KHADOOS.. coming soon.