Sachiin: AAZAAN wasn't meant to be a DABANGG or SINGHAM

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 15 Oct 2011 17:53:40.1600000 IST

When the promos of RA.ONE first went on air, fans as well as detractors from across the globe went about formulating a list of all the super hero and sci-fi films from past and present that had seemingly turned out to be a source of inspiration for the film. Now it seems like AZAAN has a lot of explanation to do, what with many terming the film as a desi adaptation of spy thrillers coming from the West.

"Even though AZAAN has been marketed and promoted as Bollywood's biggest ever espionage thriller till date, the fact is that West has been a huge inspiration for this Prashant Chadha directed film that has debutant Sachiin Joshi in lead," says a source, "In fact the makers haven't even tried to hide this fact and have pretty much declared that they had in mind quite a few Hollywood films belonging to the similar genre."

view AZAAN stills
view AZAAN stills

Seems like it is not just films but franchises by itself that have formed the basis of AZAAN. So while the film's overall treatment is on the lines of BOURNE series, the presentation has a lot to borrow from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE series.


"AZAAN talks about global terrorism and biological warfare," the source continues, "While the film's plot per se has nothing to do with any of the aforementioned franchises, there is a definite inspiration when it comes to the look and feel department."

However the film's lead actor Sachiin Joshi goes on to defend, "See, from the core subject perspective, we are on the same lines as a BOURNE film. However if you are looking for flamboyance then it is more in terms of visuals, something for which we did study MISSION IMPOSSIBLE series. If we have to make a film of an international scale, there is no harm studying where West scores, right? If I was making a desi action drama, I wouldn't have minded looking at the likes of a DABANGG or a SINGHAM either. But then AZAAN wasn't meant to be that kind of cinema."