SACHIN: A BILLION DREAMS adds a fascinating flavour

SACHIN: A BILLION DREAMS adds a fascinating flavour news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 13 Apr 2017 11:21:47.4670000 IST

When the first poster got out we shouted 'Sachin, Sachin', the teaser echoed the yell and when we spoke exclusively about the release plans of the docu –feature on the Indian God of cricket the yell got echoed with chorus and now the biopic is set to add a fascinating flavour.


We hear that the biopic on Sachin Tendulkar will also be released in Marathi on the same day - 26th May, 2017. Partner in production Ravi Bhagchandka from 200 Not Out has been quoted saying that while shooting for the docu –feature, they felt that it would be great if the movie is made in Sachin’s mother tongue Marathi that will add the local flavour.

It’s a ‘masterstroke’ we say, the local flavour will boost the prospect of the film in Maharashtra.

While everyone is waiting with deep breadth for the trailer launch of SACHIN: A BILLION DREAMS which is happening today at Mumbai late in the afternoon, this news makes the excitement more intense especially in Maharashtra.

Produced by Carnival Motion Pictures and Ravi Bhagchandka (200 Not Out) and made at an estimated budget of around 30 crores , SACHIN: A BILLION DREAMS is a docu – feature featuring the legend himself. The movie will see Sachin sharing his personal experiences, and some of his own inputs to make it close to real.

Directed by James Erskine – the London-based award-winning writer known for movies like ONE NIGHT IN TURIN, BATTLE OF SEXES, and the outstanding documentary on the account of English cricket biggest comeback - FROM THE ASHES.

SACHIN: A BILLION DREAMS will also see many other personalities across the world contributing to the film.

The movie releases on 26th of May, 2017.