Saif Ali Khan: I'm not desperate for a hit, desperate sounds cheap

Saif Ali Khan: I'm not desperate for a hit, desperate sounds cheap news
Pankaj Sabnani By Pankaj Sabnani | 26 Aug 2015 18:44:34.7000000 IST
No doubt he’s a fine actor but somehow his last couple of films (HUMSHAKALS, BULLETT RAJA, HAPPY ENDING) haven’t really done well. Now, Saif Ali Khan will be seen in Kabir Khan’s PHANTOM which releases this Friday. In this exclusive interview with, he reveals that although he’s not desperate for hit, it’ll be really nice if PHANTOM does the trick. Excerpts: 


What made you say yes to the film?
I think a cross between the script, the director and producer and costar. Everything was great (in PHANTOM).

From the trailer it seems the film is similar to D DAY and BABY. Is it?
No, there’s no comparison between D DAY and BABY. They are both nice movies. Maybe they both are about going into another country. Lot of the films are similar in genre. BABY might have a slightly similar theme but the treatment and the whole vibe is totally different. It’s like comparing Neeraj Pandey and Kabir Khan’s personalities. 

'BABY might have a slightly similar theme to PHANTOM.'

Is there a romantic angle between Katrina and you in the film?
You’ll have to wait and see. Kabir’s made a really honest movie where only things that should happen are happening. There’s no zabardasti ka item song or relationship or anything.

Your last couple of films haven’t done well. How important is PHANTOM for you? And does a hit or a flop really matter for you?
Of course it does. Hits and flops matter tremendously. People spend a lot of money. A lot of money is invested in movies. The audience is buying tickets. All these things matter. You want people to make money. You want people to enjoy themselves. So in that sense it’s really important. On a personal level, in my career of 25 years – it’s always been hits and flops. It’s part of the game.

Are you very selective now because your last few films didn’t do well?
No. You’re always as selective as you should be and you choose the best of what you’re offered.

Will it be fair to say that you are desperate for a hit?
The word desperate sounds kind of cheap. I’m always keen for a hit. It’d be really nice to have a hit and it’s important also.

'I’m always keen for a hit.'

In the recent past, do you think very few directors like Vishal Bhardwaj in OMKARA have really brought out the best in you?
A lot of directors have brought out the best in me and Vishal is someone who has really brought out some other crazy side of me.

But your potential is much more. May be your recent films were bad but your performance was really good. I think you deserved better.
An actor gets credit for the choices he makes. So I take full responsibility for anything that’s gone wrong. So it’s hard to say I deserve better when I only chose my films (laughs).