Saif Ali Khan: I end up under performing when I am with Kareena

Saif Ali Khan is in happy phase of his life personally and professionally, he is happy with his career graph and the choice of films that he has opted for and the Netflix show sacred games for which he stunned the audience with his power packed performance.

His son Taimur is hogging all the limelight with his cute looks. Saif who will now be seen in BAAZAAR is excited on touching upon a new genre.

During interviews for the film when asked him if he has ever invested in stock markets or is well versed with finances he said, “I do read about it but I font follow it, I haven’t personally invested in stick market but I do follow it on and off.”

Ever since the trailer of the film is out the film has been compared to Hollywood flick THE WOLF OF WALLSTREET When asked Saif about the comparison he said, “ I don’t think it’s right to compare both the films, that film was purely on market and BAAZAAR is more about what all the protagonist does to reach a certain level and how Rohan’s character is in awe of me. Mine is a little grey shade, he is tough, the typical business tycoon, the genre hasn’t been touched in Bollywood but it can’t be compared to the Hollywood flick.”

There was a time when Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan used to scorch the screens with chemistry. However, in recent years, the popular husband-wife duo has not been seen on screen.

When asked Saif he explained why and said, "I've been saying no to working with Bebo in recent years because I've always ensured that there's a clear demarcation between my personal and professional life. Now, however, the lines are blurring. With my father (Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi) not being around and me being the defacto head of the family, my outlook has changed."

It would require a brilliant script to bring the two together again. "When I am with Kareena on screen, I end up not performing. I become deferential and slightly boring in the frame. I don't compete and give enough energy. I kind of play myself, which is bad," explained Saif.

Furthermore speaking about Taimur he added, "Now, with Taimur in our lives, it's a little different but more special and we're certainly ready for it. If you're not ready for it, it can imbalance you. So many changes, in a nice way. Priority wise, very little comes, as I'd rather spend time with Taimur and my family than do almost anything now. That's a change. Just watching him run around gives us a lot of joy. It's nice to see both of us in him."