Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan attend a fitness challenge!

Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Iulia Vantur

Being Human E-Cycles in association with Being Strong Fitness Equipment, created much excitement at the Get Active Expo in MMRDA, while drawing attention to their unique solutions for a healthier lifestyle. The brainchild of Bollywood’s greatest fitness icon Salman Khan, Being Strong Fitness Equipment, is the perfect complement to Being Human E-Cycles for those on the journey towards a wholesome lifestyle.

Being Strong, was launched by Salman Khan, in collaboration with Jerai Fitness, India’s largest brand in the segment, with a goal of making best in class fitness equipment affordable for common people in the country, and making everyday fitness a way of life across the country – from villages and towns to major urban centres. The actor has also acquired 100% manufacturing rights for this from Jerai Fitness.

The brand is running a fun fitness challenge for Mumbai’s marathon over four days. A bench-pressing contest with women lifting 27 kgs and men lifting 54 kgs had fitness enthusiasts lining up! The person who bench-pressed the largest number of times in a day will enter the finals with Aayush Sharma and Sohail Khan in attendance tomorrow. A big hit at the event is the availability of the Being Human E-Cycles just outside the venue for trials. The contest and the rides added a dash of laughter while stoking the competitive spirit of fitness enthusiasts lining up to get their participation bibs for Mumbai’s annual marathon.