Salman Khan: Arre waah!

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Salman Khan, Prabhu Deva, Music Directors - Sajid-Wajid brought joy to the kids of ''Umang'', an organization for mentally challenged children in the Pink City, on Thursday, Special kids have special privileges and this was perhaps one such. The children who could hardly stand on their feet otherwise pranced about and swayed their legs and sang in the presence of Salman, who has been a regular visitor to them of late, thanks to Rajasthan Tourism Minister Bina Kak who acted as the fun-loving Khan's mother in MAINE PYAR KYUN KIYA.

Salman Khan - ''Salman Uncle'' to these children - had brought other shakers and movers to entertain the kids this time round during his promotion tour for his latest film, WANTED.

The special kids did notice the curly, waltzing wonder of India, Prabhu Deva, who is the director of WANTED, along with Sajid and Wajid, the music directors. Ms. Kak, who is the patron of Umang, was conspicuous by her absence at the programme held on the lawns of a palace category hotel as by noon the entire Congress leadership in the State had gone into mourning. ''We are missing Nani Bina Madam!'' said the kids even as they welcomed the Salman team with a chorus, ''Salman Uncle! We are great fans of yours!''

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Salman Uncle, wearing a T-shirt, squatted with the kids on the floor while others from the Bollywood fraternity sat on chairs.

The children, starting with the prayer song ''Hamko itni shakti dena data...'', soon got into filmy numbers such as ''Sab se aage Hindustani...'', ''Dhoom macha de...'', and ''Love me, Love me...'' with considerable elan. For the final number the film folks joined the young ones in gay abandon to the delight of all present. There were brain-teasers, too, at the function. One of the differently-abled children, Lokesh, turned out to be a mathematical wonder kid as he provided the day for any date the audience could come up with. Salman Khan wanted to know the day of April 7, 2003, and January 4, 2010, and the answer was Monday in both cases. Salman, checking the calendar given to him by the organizers, could not stop saying ''Arre waah!....''

The actor was heard asking one kid, ''Hum pehle kab mile?'' (When did we first meet?), and the answer was, ''In April 2007.''

The children surely won the hearts of the WANTED team as at the end of the one-hour programme Salman Khan announced a gift of Rs.5 lakh for Umang. The amount would go into the fund for building a new home for these ''God's own children''.