Salman Khan makes big revelations about Shah Rukh at Bigg Boss 12 press conference

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has become a name and face of the biggest reality show on TV i.e. Bigg Boss. Ever since Salman Khan took the reins of Bigg Boss, the show has become immensely popular and the actor has also become hot favourite on small screen. But very few people or one must be hardly aware that before Salman Khan, Bigg Boss was offered to Shah Rukh Khan. SRK was the original choice of Bigg Boss. However, the Badshah of Bollywood couldn’t take it up as he had a shoulder injury and then the show eventually went to our style Bhai. Salman made the big revelation at the grand Bigg Boss 12 press conference and launch party in Goa. Salman even said that he can’t thank enough of Shah Rukh for that.

Salman Khan even said that his longest relationship of his life has been with Bigg Boss. Take a look here: