Salman Khan ropes in Irrfan Khan in his period drama - LIONS OF THE SEA

Salman Khan ropes in Irrfan Khan in his period drama - LIONS OF THE SEA news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 15 Nov 2016 11:22:33.1130000 IST

In an ‘epic’ development, Salman Khan has announced his first India-Canada co-production - LIONS OF THE SEA starring Irrfan Khan.


Scheduled to film in India, U.K., Hong Kong and Canada, LIONS OF THE SEA is based on the tragic incident during 1914 when a group of 376 Indian passengers embarked on this historic Japanese steamship ‘Komagata Maru’ in their attempt to migrate to Canada but where denied entry.

The movie will be made in association of Salman Khan Films (SKF) with First Take Entertainment Ltd.

The makers released a statement making the announcement in which Salman Khan has reportedly said, “It is imperative to tell this story as it mirrors the current global refugee crisis. “LIONS OF THE SEA” will allow us to embrace multiculturalism, diversity and bring humanity closer together,”.

Calling it a cinema that transcends borders, Irrfan Khan reportedly said, “Just as cinema today transcends borders, “LIONS OF THE SEA is a story reflective of challenging barriers and breaking them, irrespective of differences in language and race,”.

Slated to commence in 2017, marking the first film to be announced and be produced under the India-Canada co-production treaty, Dr. Ajay Virmani of First Take Entertainment – the co-producers of the film reportedly said, “We are excited to announce that this production will commence in 2017 as we celebrate Canada, its diversity as well as its 150th anniversary.”.

Vinay Virmani and Pauline Dhillon are the co-producers of LIONS OF THE SEA.