Salman Khan talks about business of cinema and it's insightful!

Salman Khan talks about business of cinema and it's insightful! news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 08 Jun 2017 12:41:51.5230000 IST

Salman Khan is busy promoting TUBELIGHT which is set to release on June 23rd, 2017 and since it is arriving on Eid, which being Bhai’s lucky time period for the film to release, everyone’s expecting it to smash the records like he does every year. A lot has been speculated about the box office numbers of the film.

During media interactions Salman Khan spoke about the collections of the film and on what basis does he choose a role.


Speaking on box office collections of the film, Salman said,” You never know till the film releases. The overseas collection, the box-office collection decides the fate of the film. Your hard-core fans will go to watch your films on the opening weekend so your collections would be amazing. But then, usually the film drops on Monday-Tuesday. So, the eventual lifetime business of a film you only get to know on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.”

He added, “I don’t understand how people determine how much a film will earn on a certain day; human factors are beyond control and there can be many reasons that people wouldn’t turn up for the movie. So, how do you decide the collections in advance? So, when they tell me that opening weekend it will cross Rs. 100 crore, I don’t buy it. I will not compromise the quality to make sure that the film crosses a certain number; if it has to cross, it will cross. They didn’t expect this number out of BAAHUBALI; they must be still recovering right now.”

On being asked if he feels pressurized in the rat race to which he says, “I do have, but for different reasons. You do a film; you put in so much of hard work. That’s okay, but the reason that you have signed the film is because you think it will be a sure-shot hit. Now, the film releases and it is a flop that means your thinking has gone all wrong. And this starts making you think about the other film that you have just signed. So, now if such things happen, not only you lose the money and you go down in your career, but you also take others with you. All the fans that have paid to watch your film come out being disappointed, that disappointment is the worst thing that can ever happen. And of course, collections are important. This is our profession, our career. If you start a business, you don’t want to make losses. It doesn’t work like that. So, this is our business.”

Salman adds, “The only thing that I feel can draw audience to the theatres are the film’s posters and trailers in the theatres, promos played on television and information about the release date in papers. The people, who go to theatres, are the same ones who keep going to theatres all the time. Even today, when I go to a theatre, the first thing that I notice is the posters and I go 15-20 minutes before to see the trailers. So, I know what film is coming when. And that, I believe is the best and cheapest form of publicity ever.”

“We never promoted films earlier. There was one All India Radio channel and we used to go on Ameen Sayani show. So, during MAINE PYAAR KIYA I did one interview but after that, for the longest time I didn’t do anything. Producers used to put trailers, posters. There was no television at that point of time. People (still) go to theatres. Now, there are so many TV channels and radio channels. There were none then and the films used to run for 100 days, 3 years, even 5 years. Today, the lifetime business is four-six weeks.” snds Salman.

Indeed true Salman Khan!