Salman-Sohail celebrate 'Bhaihood' in TUBELIGHT new song

Salman-Sohail celebrate 'Bhaihood' in TUBELIGHT new song news
img By Pooja Sharma | 01 Jun 2017 17:53:32.6800000 IST

So here’ the second song ‘Nach Meri Jaan’ from TUBELIGHT which celebrates the beautiful bond between two brothers.

In the song we see the real life brother Salman and Sohail enjoying the small happiness of life as Bharat and Laxman (that’s the name of their character in the film)

Laxman is in praise of his brother Bharat’s achievements while Bharat thanks his kid brother for showing him how to live life.

Both of them are seen dancing in the picturesque locales of Manali. The dance steps are funny and childish as our main hero is a simpleton in this film.

On the flipside it’s really very difficult to digest the fact that a well-built actor like Salman Khan is playing simpleton. In fact there is a scene in the song where we see Salman (of course in his enviable physique) being reluctant to exercise so his brother Sohail forces him to finish his exercise routine.

Salman could have simply lost some weight to play this role of a simpleton. Anyways we are sure Salman fans would definitely love this celebratory track.

So if you are a Salman Khan fan then what are you waiting for just click below and watch the official song below: