Sameera Reddy: I was told to be a dumb little blonde to get more films

Sameera Reddy

Even in today’s day and age, films are constantly being made where women are portrayed as damsels in distress and have faced objectification. One such actress who has encountered this is Sameera Reddy. The former Bollywood actress, who has also worked in Tamil and Telugu films, appeared on latest web-show called ‘The Girl Tribe’ where she opened up about her journey through the industry.

On being asked about the reason for not being a part of many films, Sameera revealed, “A very famous actor told me that my problem was that I was too Bro! That I come across a bit smart, a little intellectual and that I need to become a little dumb blonde. He said that I would actually get more work if I did that. I couldn’t believe it, I actually tried it out and unfortunately it worked. In all my interviews, there were no thought processes or even the natural me. What I was selling as a Bollywood girl was - Tits and Ass, dumb blonde, I don’t know anything please save me.”

Sameera may have just dropped the truth bomb on behalf of every actress!