Samir Kochhar made to run for JANNAT

Samir KochharSamir Kochhar is busy shooting the climax of the Mahesh Bhatt's film JANNAT in Cape Town. Samir, currently in Cape Town says, "The entire unit is having a good time, since the film has reached its climax everyone is geared to pack bags home and they all are having a blast.

But Samir has something else keeping him occupied 24x7. He is made to run the streets of Cape Town up and down and fire escapes of high rise buildings by the action director Abbas.

Samir says, ?He hasn?t run that much all his life. The run sometimes goes so high that I am dazed most of the time but believe me the film has shaped up amazing and I?m proud to be a part of it and seems like can always be first in marathons now.?

Samir concludes saying, ?I have been missing my girlfriend on her birthday so much that Bombay is beckoning me.?