Samira Koppikar: Anushka Sharma told me it was an honour to have a woman compose something

Samira Koppikar: Anushka Sharma told me it was an honour to have a woman compose something news

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, who will next be seen in the upcoming Bollywood film NH10 was very enthralled with singer Samira Koppikar, who has crooned 'Maati Ka Palang’ in the film.

When asked Samira about Anushka’s reaction to the song she said, “When I met Anushka, she was pleasantly surprised. She was quite amazed and told that it was an honour to have a woman compose something because she initially thought I am only the singer but when she got to know that I am the composer, she was very impressed.

She told me that it was a really powerful song and she was really impressed with it. In fact, she also mentioned that maybe going forward we should work on something else also. So she was quite happy.”

Samira had actually made ‘Maati Ka Palang’ for her album, but when the director Navdeep Singh heard the song, he thought that it will go with one of the situations in NH10.

''I had actually made this song for my album. But when I happened to meet Naveep (Singh) and he heard my music, he felt that my song was going with one situation in the film and he also offered me the script to read.

Luckily this song clicked and it all worked out. In terms of singing, it is a different genre, it is a very powerful song, and it’s about the spirit of a woman. I felt very connected to the spirit of the song; it felt very empowering to sing this song. Navdeep had given me the visuals and once I saw it, I got a lot of energy from that clip.

I dubbed after watching the clip so I could carry the same energy through the song. I tried to do the entire song in one take because I felt that I won’t get that energy if I don’t do it in a take.''

''This is the first time I have composed a song for the film. It was a very interesting & different experience for me because for the first time there was no music director telling me what to do and how to do, I had to judge on my own. It was a little tricky in the sense that you are playing two roles, but it was very interesting & it was very different from what I had done before,'' she added

Directed by Naveep Singh, produced by Phantom Films & Clean Slate Films, NH10 stars Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam & DarshanKumaar in the lead and is set to release on 13th March, 2015.

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