What! Sanjana Sanghi allegations are false?

In an age where information travels at a breakneck pace, fake news has become dangerously prominent. Legitimate sources which was a necessity for believable news at one point have become optional in today’s day-and-age, and one example of the dangers that can come as a result is the recent false allegations that Sushant Singh Rajput has been the subject of against his KIZIE AUR MANNY co-star, Sanjana Sanghi.

The reason for Sanjana’s silence on the matter was because she was held up in the United States. It was only after her return to India that she found out about these allegations, which she promptly dismissed with a statement on social media that read, "I read several baseless and unfounded stories with respect to the misconduct and misbehavior on the sets of our film KIZIE AUR MANNY. I’d like to clarify that no such incident took place with me. Let’s put an end to these conjectures."

Sushant had to defend himself on social media after another fake news misleading reports stated that a microblogging site had removed his verification badge in the wake of his supposed "harassment." The truth was that the actor had deactivated his account for security concerns a comment that he made way before these allegations surfaced when a fan asked him about the same on social media. After the account was reactivated, some technical issues came up regarding the verification status. However, this was rectified immediately by the Twitter India team, who mailed Sushant and fixed the issue of the verification badge’s absence the moment these rumors picked up steam.


The #MeToo movement was needed in Bollywood since a string of questionable behaviour and misconduct has been uncovered as a result. However, false allegations have also become widespread under the guise of this movement, as seen in Sushant’s case. All this goes to show that fake news can be a dangerous weapon. It can sway the minds of people and cause them to develop an incorrect and damaging narrative in their mind about a person who doesn’t deserve it.