7 facts unveiled by Sanjay Khan in his autobiography

Bollywood’s veteran actor, Sanjay Khan launched his autobiography, The Best Mistake of my life in a star-studded event in Mumbai.

Known to be one of the best-looking actors, Sanjay Khan marked his presence with movies like ABDULLAH, MERA VACHAN GEETA KI QASAM, MASTAN DADA and also worked on the famed television series The Sword of Tipu Sultan. Despite the struggles, Sanjay Khan did not let go of hope, happiness, and love.

If you haven’t yet picked up The Best Mistake of my Life yet, here are seven reasons why you already should have! -

7. Patriot –From Haqeeqat to Tipu Sultan, the actors’ love and fondness for the country can be reflected in his choice of movies, details of which are mentioned further in the book.

6. Friends from the industry - Veteran actor Sanjay Khan says he has enjoyed several long-lasting friendships in Bollywood. Some of his friendships and stories revolving around his industry peers like Sunil Dutt, Dharmendra and Sanjeev Kumar amongst others, has been mentioned in his book.

5. Raj Kapoor – Sanjay Khan shared his experience of spending time with the legendary star Raj Kapoor. The book makes revelations about their bond, the affection he holds for the legendary star till date and how it will never fade away.

4. Horse racing and Prince Khartoum – Sanjay Khan's passion for horse riding is common knowledge. In his book, the actor speaks about his favourite horse – Prince Khartoum and how horse-riding, a mere hobby turned into a full grown passion.

3. Family – The legendary star considers himself to be lucky and blessed with a supportive family such as his and he has dedicated a chapter to them revealing interesting details about each member, whether it's Zayed Khan or Sussane Khan.

2. Helicopter crash – Years later after the fire mishap, the veteran star was involved in a helicopter crash in Bangalore and had miraculously escaped the accident.

1. Tipu Sultan, fire mishap – Sanjay Khan was involved in a fire accident on the sets of ‘The Sword of Tipu Sultan’. The actor suffered 60 to 65 percent burns and was hospitalized for 13 months and underwent 73 surgeries. The entire experience and the struggle thereafter have been revealed in the book in detail.