Sanjay: SOAW is very different from SOAL

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 21 Oct 2011 11:51:20.6370000 IST

Sanjay Gupta is making sure that for his comeback affair SHOOTOUT AT WADALA, he doesn't take a single false step and gives audience what is worthy enough after a wait of over half a decade (ZINDA was his last full fledged directorial outing). Though the subject of his Anil Kapoor-John Abraham action drama sounds quite enticing to begin with, Sanjay reaffirms that he isn't looking at any reference point for the film and starting with a clean slate.

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Talking about his own film which is set in late 70s and early 80s, Sanjay says, ''I really don't have a reference point as such for my film. In fact I have to dig deeper into the literary world to explore the Mumbai and its underworld and the cops from the era gone by. I am going through quite a few books which give a fiction as well as non-fictional account of what really happened. Ultimately I am collecting good enough material that would help me achieve what I am set out for. Let me tell you, I want SHOOT OUT AT WADALA to be referred to as the ultimatum crime saga ever.''

This experience by itself has turned out to be quite an eye opener for Sanjay who has made a few crime films in the past but not at the kind of scale and setting that SHOOT OUT AT WADALA demands.

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''I can't tell you how many surprises are coming our way during these conversations,'' he reveals, ''I am really enjoying the entire experience. See, this one is going to be very different from SHOOT OUT AT LOKHANDWALA which actually wasn't too high on story. In fact it's second half was entirely designed around a shootout sequence. On the other hand SHOOT OUT AT WADALA is more of a story being role with ton loads of characters that would make it an interesting watch. The film is told over two decades. Trust me, what would unfold on screen would be nothing less than a saga.''

Well, we look forward to the promise being kept Sanjay.